Tim Burton Kevlar bundle

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Tim Burton Kevlar bundle

Kevlar HD(Heavy Duty) is the perfect Hank for the hard user! This Hank is meant to get dirty and abused. The Mil-Spec 600D Kevlar backing is tough, versatile, and abrasion resistant! It's not indestructible, but come on, it's a hank, not a bulletproof vest! Most popular with our hard-use knife enthusiasts and our motorcycle riders looking for that extra durability. The front is still our top quality cotton.
Size is 6.5" X 6.5" very pocket friendly!
Take your pocket dump pictures to the next level with our unique patterns! For a limited time, you will receive a free Fiver hank with this bundle! Don't miss this opportunity to get 2 of our most popular Hankz!
Disclaimer: Due to the variance in pattern no 2 Hankz will be exactly the same. You get everything in the picture and some cool additional swag! Free shipping!